Turning point of Positive Actions


Our Agriculture projects

With our agricluture projects we want create jobs for the local people and let them have their destiny in their own hands. We believe that we all need to work for our food, we shall work the ground to make our living.

Jeblokon location

This location consist of 50 acre farmland, most of it is planted with rubber trees. Also cocoa, peanuts and other crops are planted. Five families have found their income on this plantation. When the tapping of the rubber trees begins in 2019 it will increase to more than 20 families.

Our desire

The agricluture department is a good base for TPA to increase our local activities. This farming project is intendent to grow out to a full indepedent source controlled by the locals.

Spread out

The Jeblokon location is a good example for the local population to spread the positive attitude to the nearer counties. At the end we hope this will reach the whole state of Liberia and perhaps the other countries in Africa.