Turning point of Positive Actions

First episode, home less again

After Prince and Kumba's wedding on March 6th 2011; we proceeded on cultivating 9 acres of land with palm, banana and pine-apples. We built a home and school there and created a rice plantation on the farm land. After a period of 4 years we had to move out because it became hard to find the right people to coorporate, but by the grace of God we could start again and His blessing wil never fail.


The majority of the population in Liberia is not getting enough varied food, this leads in some cases to severe malnutrition.

Governer changed

In 2012 the governor of River-Gee met us at his office in Monrovia. He was a very fine man and supported TPA the first years.After his term of office; we began to face strange challenges, which even led to the lost of our first Investments. But with your help and that of the Most High; we are still aiming higher.  

Food production

About 97% of Liberians mainly rely on imported rice. While only 3% cultivate the most important food crop (Rice). After our efforts to produce rice we saw that this was not in the mind of the people to take care of thier own supply in food production. Before the war most of the civielians worked on farms and  made sure to secure food productivity. We found out that there is a generation gape between those who understood the importance of working to earn living.

Ministry of Agriculture

We had hope that there was a good partnership between TPA and the Ministry of Agriculture. The Ministry recieved a big amount from the EU, totally 39 million Euro to invest in Agriculture. After the first contact TPA should be part of one of this projects. After a while we saw no further devolpment and the support was not realised. It seems very hard for the Goverment to realise results. In the future we hope that the contacts may have better results.

Goverment short-coming

The Month of February 2016 was a Month of challenges. With the Liberian Government's short comings: Over the $622 million United states dollar national Budget allocation; House of senate attempted jailing Finance Minister, Amara Konneh. Who later resigned his post and left Liberia. Former LPRC Boss, Harry Greaves was found dead. Without any suspect found in the case of his death. Justice minister, Benedict Sannoh having worked hard to prove the cause of death; resigned and left Liberia.

Country prospects

Considering the vast productive land accross Africa; we hope to some day turn the Continent into a globa Powerhouse of food exportation. Through our works in Liberia ..........