Turning point of Positive Actions

In the river of time

Brief summary

The foundation Turning point of Positive Actions was established by Prince Dennis and Kees Hoogendijk. They met each other in 2009 in Krimpen aan den IJssel. Their first contact was during a evangelisation activity of the reformed congregation of the Rank.

Our beginning

In 2010 February Prince and Kees decided to start Turing point of Postive Actions in Liberia. Prince went after 29 years back to his country of birth as a "humble missonary". With empty pockets he started to work with the local people. The first step of TPA was made.

Meet TPA Board



Prince Dennis, "evangelist"

Prince left Liberia with Youth with a Mission when he was 10 years old and began active as a missionary evangelist at 21 years old. He traveled with Mercy Ships through Great Brittan, France, Netherlands, Germany, Scandinavic countries, Caribian, United states of America to end in July 1994 in Tilburg, the Netherlands. He studied History Litaric and Theologie at the Former Katholic University of Tilburg.

Kees Hoogendijk, "entrepreneur"

Kees started his own business in 1999. With his skills as electrical engineer in the maritime sector he establisch his own company to repair and install full electrical installations on all kind of vessels. With his experience for almost 20 years of management qualities he will use this for a greater purpose. During his Charity work at his congregation he became more involved in evangelism.

Treasures, secretary


Dirk Hoogendijk, "agriculture specialist"

Dirk has many years of experience in the Dutch agriculture sector. The Dutch aggriculture sector plays a leading role in the worlds present day  durable and enviromentally friendly Agriculture Developement. With his contacts he is a valuable acces for TPA . His knowledge will give TPA a higher level to reach thier goal.